NY Ag Facts

New York is an Agricultural State!

  • About 23% of the State’s land area, or 7.2 million acres, is used by ~35,500 farms to produce a diverse array of products.
    • That adds up to nearly 1.5 million head of cattle, 40,000 acres of apple trees, $25 million worth of maple syrup and 14.9 billion pounds of milk, according to the USDA.
  • Milk is New York’s leading agricultural product; milk sales account for ½ of the total agricultural receipts.

New York is a leading agricultural producer in the U.S.  According to this article on August 24, 2016, numbers have shifted slightly in the past 5 years.
See how our state ranks (based on 2017 State Agriculture Overview):

#1              Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream

#2             Apples (1.4 billion pounds), Maple Syrup (~700,000 gallons), and Cabbage (about 325 million pounds)

#3             Dairy (620,000 head of cattle), Grapes (145,000 tons)

#4             Squash (60 million pounds), Pears (6.5 tons)

#5             Tart Cherries (10.5 million pounds), Onions (~260 million pounds), Sweet Corn (1 million farming acres)

#6            Fruit, Tree Nuts, Berries

#8            Cut Christmas Trees

#9            Harvested Vegetables

#13          Vegetables, Melons, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

#18          Field Crops and Hay

#20         Aquaculture

#29          Poultry and Eggs, Hogs and Pigs